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Rich by Intention

Fresh off their interview with Good Morning America, the founders of "Rich by Intention" joined me to talk about how they paid off $123,000 in student loan debt in just 12 months! Watch the video to learn the intentional steps this couple took to bring their little one into a debt-free home.

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Rich by Intention

Anjie and RJ are a millennial, married couple and the founders of Rich by Intention. Their mission is to empower couples to manage their money and everyday life with intention by eliminating debt, saving money, and investing for their future.

After paying off $123K of student loan debt in a year, they are now on a path to financial freedom. Their story has been featured in publications such as Good Morning America, Business Insider, and Black Enterprise.

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Rich by Intention


Managing Money, Marriage, and Career

RJ and Anjie are an ordinary couple doing extra-ordinary things. Today, they are intentional on using their online brand @RichByIntention to inspire other couples and persons of color. Click the button below to join them and start getting Rich by Intention.

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