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Tela Holcomb

Podcast: The Marcus Garrett Show

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Who is

Tela Holcomb?

Tela is a stocks and options trader, mom, and wife. While working a traditional 9 to 5 to pay her bills, in her spare time, she learned how to trade stocks. In just five short years, she was able to reach financial independence. Today, she gets to do what she enjoys most: spend time enjoying her life, family, and friends!


Learn more at the "Invest with Tela" button below.


Trade Your 9 to 5

About the Course

“Stock market courses for us regular folks!” From the comfort of home, learn how to open your first investment account, read stock charts, and master the basics of trading. This six-course bundle shows you how to build generational wealth for yourself and your family. To get started, just click the "Invest With Tela" button below.

Module 1.

Get Wealthy

Start with an introduction to the easy-to-follow Trade Your 9 to 5® system so you know exactly what to expect throughout the program.

Module 2.

Chart Like a Pro

Discover how to determine stock trends by gaining an in-depth understanding of chart indicators, setting up your own charts, and getting down and dirty with the Trade Your 9 to 5® proprietary 4 Step Charting Method.

Module 3.

You've Got Options

 Gain guidance on a simple way to make money with options by arming yourself with timeless trading rules so you know when to take a profit and when to cut your losses.

Module 4.

Sweat the Technique

Learn how to understand and identify trends so you can make profitable trades with minimal risk.

Module 5.

Now Work it Out

Track your progress on trade worksheets so you keep a watchful eye on your trades.

Module 6.

Techie Talk

Get quick access to tutorials on how to use the think or swim chart platform by TD Ameritrade.

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