I met Teri in a simpler, pre-pandemic financial conference we both attended. We were able to talk like normal people--maskless and within six feet. It was a great conversation. But, I didn’t know I was in the presence of greatness!

Later, I learned she’d taught hundreds how to invest in the stock market. She humbly agreed to an interview on my personal finance podcast where we also helped thousands of millennials make money, save money, and get out of debt each week. Listen to our fun and informative talk to hear how Teri used ten years of experience to become a self-taught stock and options expert.

Teri Ijeoma


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Teri Ijeoma?

Teri, who has a Bachelor degree in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and her Masters in Media and Communications from Dallas Theological Seminary, was like most employees. She had a regular job. A good job. One of those "you should just be happy to have a job," jobs.


But this job didn't align with her purpose, and her value was dictated to her by others. Unlike most employees, she decided to make a change in her life to find her true passion.

In mastering her side hustle, she became a successful entrepreneur and a role model for millennials looking to escape the 9 to 5. Today, Teri encourages her over 50,000 Instagram followers to pursue their passion. She teaches them one way to do it--by supplementing their income with passive income from trading.

Teri doesn’t just talk to the talk. She walks the walk. She now helps millennials find ways to provide sustainable income, become confident traders, empowered entrepreneurs, and realize their value.


Invest with Teri 

Teri has partnered with private and non-profit organizations to share her signature courses. Both programs teach easy to follow tips to empower you to feel confident trading in the stock market.

Whether you’re a stock market beginner or seasoned trader, her investment courses can help. In fact, her Trade and Travel course won a national Creator Challange award with Teachable—an online course leader. Join hundreds of other course takers already succeeding with her. You will learn: 

  • How to protect your investment portfolio 

  • How to price the trade 

  • How to apply strategies to make consistent gains as a trader 

  • Get access to Teri’s exclusive coaching calls and student community 

  • and much more! 

Start with her four trade secrets and learn the exact steps she and other successful course takers take to make $1,000 a day! Click the "Invest With Teri" button below to learn more.

and Trade and Travel

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